Where can I buy metal roof sheeting in Australia?

There are a number of outlets that sell metal roof sheeting (aka colourbond) and related supplies within Australia.

Metal roof sheeting

Perth Roofing Suppliers

If you’re looking for roof sheeting or metal roofing supplies in Perth and the surrounding areas you can try out the below places.

1. Fielders

Fielders are used by a vast number of tradies in Perth as they stock a huge range of metal roofing products. They also supply the likes of Bunnings with their metal roofing products such as sheeting, flashings, valleys, and gutters.

When I was working as a roof plumber Fielders was more go-to supplier for all my metal and roofing jobs.

For more information head over to https://fielders.com.au/

2. Combined Metal Industries

Combined Metal Industries, or commonly known as CMI is another popular roof supplier in Perth and other areas of WA. With offices in Busselton, Landsdale, Bibra Lake and Geraldton – CMI have the the network in place to ensure they can meet your roof supply needs.

For more information head over to https://cmiwa.com.au/

3. Revolution Roofing

Revolution Roofing in Osbourne Park is another well-known roof plumbing supplier that is work checking out. They provide a vast range of metal roofing products including downpipes, gutters, sheets, and custom roof flashing made on-demand.

For more information on Revolution Roofing visit their website: https://revolutionroofing.com.au/

4. Bunnings

Roof sheets at bunnings
Example of the range of roof sheets available at Bunnings

Although not a dedicated roof plumbing supply company, Bunnings does offer a level of roof plumbing supplies and often covers the essentials such as zinculame sheets, gutters, downpipes, valleys, and associated fixings.

For more information visit their website: https://bunnings.com.au

5. Stratco

Similar to Bunnings, you have Stratco. Stratco is a relatively large chain of stores that provide a range of roof plumbing materials though again their range is limited as they are not considered a dedicated roof plumbing supplier. However, if it’s just something basic that you’re looking for then Stratco is worth checking out.

More information can be viewed at their website: https://stratco.com.au

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