Roof flashing: What Are They and What Do They Do?

Roof flashing is a name for the material that is used in areas of the roof such as where the roof meets a wall or where the air-con vent extrudes from the roof to stop water seeping into the roof area.

Roof flashings around an air conditioning unit
Roof flashings around an air con unit in Australia

What is roof flashing made of?

Roof flashings usually match the material of the roof being installed. For example, in Australia zinc or colourbond roofs will have matching metal roof flashings while tiled roofs will have lead flashings.

How is roof flashing installed?

A roof plumber will usually cut and shape the roof flashing to suit. If it’s a metal roof the flashings are usually joined using a roof plumber’s silicone and rivets to suit.

Alternatively, if it’s a tiled roof with a lead flashing then the lead is usually rolled out and molded to the shape of the tiles before being secured with appropriate fixings and silicone where required.

Where can I buy roof flashings from?

A number of your larger hardware stores (such as Bunnings) will stock your basic roof flashings, however, if you want to get custom roof flashings made up then you can do so through specialist roofing material stores such as Fielders.

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