Pros and Cons of a Metal (Colourbond) Roof in Australia

Unsure whether to install a new metal roof (colourbond) in Australia? If so check out the below list of Pros and Cons to help you decide.

Ridge cap on top of a metal roof

Pros of a metal roof in Australia

  • Much lighter than tiles means less stress on your roof structure and less chance of “sagging” of the roof beams (A known issue with tiles);
  • Stylish with a variety of colours and modern profiles to match your home;
  • Energy efficient with a wide range of colours to reflect the heat promoting a cooler roof space;
  • Fire-resistant as it’s made of a non-combustible material. Unluck tiles, with no gaps between each tile, there is less chance of ash or burning embers entering your roof space;
  • Known to be cheaper to install than tiles;
  • Resilient to Australia’s harsh conditions – has been tried and tested for 50+ yrs within Australia;
  • Suit all roof pitches – unlike tiles you can use metal on all lower pitches of roofs
    Australian made – when you buy metal roofing in Australia your supporting companies such as BlueScope steel manufacture colorbond and metal roofing products in Australia.

Cons of a metal roof in Australia

  • Without the appropriate insulation, a metal roof is considered noisier than a tiled roof;
  • Depending on the colour you choose, your metal roof may fade, requiring repainting after 10 years or so (can be common with dark colours such as dark grey, navy, black etc);
  • Slippery when wet! Metal roofs are much more slippery than tiles when wet.

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