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AskAboutRoofing.com.au is an information-based site, providing website visitors with the opportunity to seek info on any topics relevant to roofing. Prior to using this website, we ask that you read the terms and conditions of use as stated below.

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Intellectual Property

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AskAboutRoofing.com.au accepts no liability or responsibility for information and multimedia content published on this website. As we have no control over how our information is used and cannot foresee your circumstances, we can not accept nor be responsible, for any loss or damage that you or your property may incur because of the information consumed from this website.

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AskAboutRoofing.com.au contains a number of links to external third-party sites and has embedded third-party videos on its website. The third-party sites we link to, their content, or the videos we embed is not owned by AskAboutRoofing.com.au. With this in mind, AskAboutRoofing can not be held responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any alleged loss or damage caused by any third-party website or their videos.

Updates to our terms and conditions

AskAboutRoofing.com.au reserves the right to update or change the terms of use related to this website at any time.

More Information

If you require more information regarding the terms and conditions of AskAboutRoofing.com.au please contact us via our online form.

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