Why is My Roof Creaking? Here’s Why…

Are you hearing some strange noises coming from your roof?  Does your roof creak, crack or even make popping noises?  If so then don’t be too worried as there is some important information you should know.

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Types of creaking

Whether your roof is metal or tiled, there are a number of reasons why your roof could be making strange noises.  Take a look at the list below:

1. Creaking at night or through a hot the day

If you’re roof is creaking at night then this is usually due to a change in temperatures.  During the day the materials in your roof (such as timber and steel) will start to heat up and expand.  When night time hits and the temperature cools these materials will start contracting.  It’s this expansion and contraction in materials that causes the creaking noise in the roof.

2. Creaking when it’s windy

It’s not uncommon to hear creaky noises when it’s really windy as the wind can put pressure on the roof timbers and supporting structure causing the creaking or sometimes popping noises.  However, if this happens when there is a light breeze then it could be a sign of weak roof structures and you may consider getting a professional roof inspection to ensure there is no structural concerns within your roof.

3. Creaking when you’re on your roof

As a general rule of thumb you shouldn’t experience creaking noises when you’re walking around on your roof.  If you notice consistent creaking in an area of your roof this maybe a sign of weak structure supporting the section of roof you’re walking on.  Particularly if you notice the roof gives when you step on that area of the roof.

If this happens it’s best to steer clear of that area of the roof and to arrange and inspection of the supporting roof structure to check that it’s structurally sound and there are no areas of concern.

4. I can hear a popping noise rather than creaking?

Similar to the cause of creaking, some people hear a “popping” sound coming from their roof space.  Again, this is usually due to the expansion and contraction of materials within the roof space.

My roof creaks continually – is this an issue?

If you’re roof is continually creaking and making noise regardless of the temperate, time or day or high winds then it’s recommended that you get a professional roof inspector to take a look.  Sometimes a roof may have been built poorly with the use of inadequate materials or without the appropriate supports or frames in place, or perhaps the structure has been damaged.  If this is the case then an inspection by a qualified profession will help identy the cause.

Creaking preventions

If you’re experience creaking in your roof due to temperature fluctuations then one mitigation strategy is to look at how you can better regulate the temperature of you’re roof space.  A popular way to do this is by installing extraction based roof ventilation devices in your roof such ridge vents, roof turbines (such as whirlybirds) or solar power extraction vents.  In addition you can also add intake based roof vents that are setup to bring fresh cooler air into the roof space whilst hot are is getting extracted out.

Final thoughts…

We hope this article helps to explain the reasons to why your roof might be making those weird noises and more importantly to rest any concerns you might have. Thanks for reading!

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