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Working at heights

It’s important to note that falls from height are a major cause of injury and death when working on roofs.

When working at heights, to reduce the risk of falling, always follow safety measures and be extra mindful of hazards such as:

  • weather conditions such as rain, wind, ice, and dew.
  • unprotected edges, fragile or slippery surfaces, skylights, vents, or other holes through the roof;
  • loss of grip of overbalancing, particularly when on a steeply pitched roof; and
  • trip hazards.

It’s also worth noting that falls from low heights can also leave workers or homeowners with major injuries and sometimes permanent disabilities.  Common injuries such as concussions, brain damage, spinal injuries, and bone fractures.  Therefore, regardless of the height you are working at, whether it’s on the roof or off a ladder always exercise as much caution as you can to prevent injury to yourself or damage to the surrounding property.

For those that are located in Australia, Safe Work Australia provides more information about safety, including useful information to help you manage hazards and to ensure you and others you work with are safe from harm.

For more information please refer to: https://www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/

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