How Do I Cut And Bend A Downpipe?

When mounting a downpipe onto a building it’s important that you always bend the end of the downpipe away from the building to ensure water is redirected away from the building.

Why? If the water remains at the base of the building this can then lead to further damage to the footings and foundations of the building with dam issues occurring around the base of the walls.

Metal downpipe going into a soak well
A downpipe bend to fit a soak well fitting

Tools and materials required for the job

Roof plumbing tools
  • Rivet gun
  • Left and right tin snips
  • A drill
  • A square
  • Rivets (ideally you want colorbond rivets to match the colour of your downpipe)

How to cut and bend the downpipe

  1. First you want to mark where the bend is to be. Depending on the length of the bend you want (anywhere from 60-100mm usually) measure this distance from the end of the downpipe and draw a line with your square. Note, make sure you’re working on the narrow end of your downpipe which is usually marked with a small dimple on the end of the downpipe;
  2. Next, draw two additional lines above this, 25mm apart whilst also extending the centre line to the edges;
  3. Draw a diagonal line from the bottom of the middle line to the two additional lines;
  4. Draw another line 12.5mm from the top line and extend this line diagonally down to the centre line;
  5. Using your tin snips, cut into the edge of the centre line then cut out the marked area;
  6. Once cut out you can then fold the end of the downpipe up to the line; and
  7. once folded, drill two holes either side and insert a rivet.

The below video shows how to cut and bend a downpipe;

How to cut and bend a downpipe

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