How to Protect Your Gutters From Ladder Damage

Close up of gutter protection device

If you plan to lean your ladder on your gutters then it’s recommended that you use a gutter protection device in between your ladder and your gutters.

What is a ladder gutter protector?

The little ladder helper
Example of the the little ladder helper in use

A ladder gutter protector sits in between your ladder and the gutter.  Use of such a device provides the following benefits:

  • Protects your gutter from getting scratched;
  • Stops your ladder from slipping side to side on your gutter; and
  • improves ladder safety.

What types of gutter protectors are there?

There are a few different types on the market, some hang off the gutters, and some lean against the wall and tiles to keep your ladder away from the gutter. 

Search for the keywords “gutter ladder protector” on Google and you’ll see a number of different ones appearing, however the most common one used in Australia – well that I’ve seen used by roof plumbers is the little ladder helper.

Example of what to search for on Google to find gutter protectors

How do you use a ladder protector to avoid damage to your gutters?

Front view of a gutter ladder protector

These gutter protectors are simple to use and instructions will vary depending on the type you purchase, however, if you have a little ladder helper follow the below steps:

Locate a broom or some type of stick to insert into the base of the guard

Lift the guard up and rest it on the edge of the gutter.  Note, if the guard isn’t sitting on the gutter level then there’s a chance that it’s resting on a gutter clip.  If this is the case, simply move it along the edge of the gutter until it sits level.

Close up of gutter protection device

Put the ladder against the guard and complete the work you had planned

Take down the ladder and lift the guard off the gutter again using the broom handle or stick you had previously.

Where can you buy them from?

If you think the little ladder helper pictured above is ideal for you then you can pick these up from Bunnings.

Or if there are no Bunnings nearby then do a search on google for a little ladder helper and you’ll see plenty of results.

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