How To Stop The Dripping Noise From Your Downpipes and Gutters

Do you lay there at night wondering what that dripping noise is even though it’s no longer raining? This is a common issue that keeps many people awake at night. Check out this article for reasons why your gutters and downpipes are making such a noise and ways you can fix it.

Downpipe dripping noise keeping lady awake

Why is my downpipe making a dripping noise?

Usually, rainwater will exit a gutter and flow down the side of the downpipe and out through the end of the bottom of the downpipe.

However, sometimes, instead of the rainwater flowing down the side of the downpipe, it will drip all the way from the top of the downpipe and hit the elbow at the bottom of the downpipe, causing a loud dripping noise.

But why does this only happen for some downpipes you ask?

Well, when a downpipe is installed there is a ‘downpipe pop’ installed in the base of the gutter first. The downpipe is then slipped up over the downpipe pop and fixed into position.

If there is a gap between the pop and the downpipe then the rainwater will drip directly off the bottom of the pop rather than running down the inner sides of the downpipe. It’s this rainwater dripping from the pop and hitting the base of the downpipe which is making the dripping noise.

Ways to stop the dripping noise in your downpipe

Right, now we’ve got that out the way… here are a number of techniques you can try to put a stop to that dripping noise;

1. Inspect and fix the downpipe pipe

If the top of the downpipe is easily accessible, then one way is to have a look at the pop and to see if there is a noticeable gap. You can then apply gutter silicone or putty on the inners of the pop, providing a smooth edge for the water to flow out of the gutter and down the inners of the downpipe.

Note, you’ll need to ensure the pop and surrounding areas you’re applying the silicone or putty are bone dry else it won’t stick.

Once it is down you can test it out by pouring a small cup of water into the gutter to see how the water runs into the downpipe.

2. Absorb the impact

Artificial lawn to insert into downpipe
Cut a small piece of artificial lawn and place in the bottom of the downpipe

As the dripping noise is from the water dripping down and hitting the elbow of the downpipe, one way to lessen the noise is to absorb the impact of the drip. You can achieve this by cutting out and inserting a piece of sponge (e.g. the flat kitchen type sponges) or a piece of artificial lawn works well too.

Note, when doing this you want to ensure that there is ample room for the water to still escape from the downpipe so ensure the piece is small enough not to block the downpipe.

3. Use some plastic chain

plastic chain for dripping downpipe
Example of plastic chain which can be bought at Bunnings

Another way to fix a dripping downpipe is to hang something down the centre of the downpipe, allowing the water to follow this object rather than dripping from the top.

I’ve found that a piece of plastic chain from bunnings works well for this. Once installed, the water will trickle down the chain to the bottom of the downpipe, avoiding that annoying dripping noise.

Final thoughts

I hope you found this article helpful and that you’re able to address that dripping noise and get a decent night’s sleep. If you have a way to fix a dripping downpipe that isn’t listed above then please reach out and let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

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