Council Regulations for Stormwater Drainage and Soakwells in WA

The regulations for soakwells and stormwater drainage on your property in Western Australia will vary depending on where you live within WA.

Council regulations for soakwells

Use the links below to access the information sheet relating to the council you live in.

Perth and Surrounding Areas

Below are a collection of links to assist you in finding regulations for stormwater drainage and soakwells in your area. If there is an area that is not covered please contact us and we’ll try to assist where we can.

City of Armadale

City of Canning

City of Claremont

City of Cockburn

City of Gosnells

City of Joondalup

City of Perth

City of Swan

Town of Victoria Park

City of Wanneroo

Midwest Region

Refer to the below links for those that live in the mid-west region of Western Australia.

City of Greater Geraldton

South West Region

If you live in the southwest region of WA, below are links to stormwater drainage and soakwells guides for known shires within the southwest. If guidelines of the area you live in don’t exist please let us know and we’ll try to assist in locating them.

City of Busselton

City of Bunbury

Shire of Augusta & Margaret River

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