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If you’re relatively comfortable with online shopping and you’re looking to order your roofing shoes now then this page is for you.

To help out I’ve put together a list of the different types of Australian roofing shoes you can find online with links to both Amazon in Australia and eBay in Australia to ensure you get the best price.

1. Volley shoes

Volley classic roofing shoes top view

Volley shoes come in two types, these being either a standard version or a steel-capped version. In addition, you then have a choice of either white or black.

Volley Shoes (Standard)

The classic volley shoe is a common roofing shoe that has been proven over time.  Throughout Australia, roof plumbers have chosen volleys as their preferred footwear year by year. 

Volley roofing shoes
Classic volley shoes available in either white or black

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Check Price on Amazon: Black | White

For me, the best things I like about volleys are their rubber soles providing maximum grip, their lightness when walking, and their cost (relatively cheap to other brands). Depending on your colour preference you can buy volleys in white or black.

Volley Shoes with Steel Cap

volley shoes steel cap version
Volley shoes with safety steel cap

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If required, you can also purchase volleys in a steel cap version. These are great if you’re looking for that extra protection when up on the roof, or if you’re working on-site that has particularly occupational health and safety standards that you must adhere to.

Depending on your preference, as per the standard volleys, these also come in either white or black.

Why only these shoes?

The above list of shoes are based on my recommendations from working as a roof plumber. Check out my best roofing shoes article to read about why I prefer these shoes for roofing.

Disclaimer: Note: This page contains affiliate links. If you click on an affiliate link and make a purchase, I may earn a commission from your purchase. Also as an Amazon Associate and an eBay Partner I earn from qualifying purchases.

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